Netsu Tornado

Thermal management is more critical than ever with electronic devices getting smaller while maintaining high performance. Choosing the right heat dissipating solution leads to cost reduction and increased life span the devices.  Our product “Netsu Tornado,” is the low cost high performance alternative to heat sinks for heat dissipation.

Netsu Tornado works by utilizing thermal radiation.  Radiation is the mechanism used to transmit heat by converting the heat to infrared rays without conduction through a medium.  Netsu Tonado achieves a maximum of 30% heat reduction by being applied to heat conductivity materials such as aluminum and copper.  In particular, Netsu Tornado is effective to dissipate heat inside closed casing of PC, automobiles, and home appliances.

Netsu Tornado radiates heat better than commonly used materials.

Netsu Tornado can also help to greatly reduce the weight and size of your cooling solution with the same cooling results.

Netsu Tornado film can be applied to various substrates.

The liquid Netsu Tonado can be applied to various other custom applications.


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