Figures shown in the above table are representative values;these are not to be considered product specification
(1) Equivalent Weight (Weight per oxazoline equivalent : norvolatiles g/eq.) :Theoretical value
(2) Oxazoline groups amount (mmol/g,norvolatiles) :Theoretical value
(3) Calculated value
(4) Actual measurement
(5) Molecular weight (HPLC,g/mol) (6) N/A:not available
(7) 1-Methoxy-2-propanol


Model reaction of Oxazoline groups (Ethyl Oxazoline / Propionic acid)

Reactivity of the Oxazoline groups
Reaction with the carboxyl groups

  1. Reaction with carboxyl groups which is contained in most of waterborne polymers is regarded to have the highest reactivity.
  2. After the reaction with the carboxyl groups, stable amid ester bonding is formed. Any by-product will not be generated.
  3. Reaction with carboxyl groups proceeds rapidly at elevated temperature 80 °C to 100 °C.
  4. Reaction with carboxyl groups proceeds slowly at room temperature.
  5. Oxazoline groups have better reactivity with carboxyl groups than with epoxy groups.
  6. Oxazoline groups also react with aromatics such as thiol groups as well as phenol groups. But oxazoline groups cannot react with alcoholic hydroxyl groups.

Conditions on Reactivity:Etyhl oxazoline / Propionic acid = 1/1(mol/mol), solvent-free reaction
Phenyl glycidyl ether / Propionic acid = 1/1(mol/mol), solvent-free reaction
Method of analysis:Gas chromatography analysis

EPOCROS is a low toxic and highly safe crosslinker.
Safety date


Legislation and Regulations (as of August 2021)


○: Registered
○*: Registered under limited tonnage
○**: Registered(need importer registration)
×: Not registered
Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) that provides details of the safety of the product.

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